Люксембург и Ирландия са най-богати в ЕС, а България е най-бедна

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eurostat Публикуваха новите данни за страните членки. Eurostat е безпощаден – България е най-бедната страна , следвана от Румъния.

Reuters – Monday, June 23 07:42 pmBRUSSELS (Reuters) – Luxembourg is by far the richest country in the European Union, with Ireland second at almost half its gross domestic product per capita, while Bulgaria is the poorest, the European Union statistics office said.

Eurostat said that in terms of purchasing power parity, GDP per inhabitant in Luxembourg last year was almost three times the EU average at 276 units.

Purchasing power parity is an artificial currency that eliminates price differences between countries. Eurostat said that the Luxembourg result was artificially boosted by a large number of cross-border workers, who had jobs in Luxembourg and boosted its gross domestic product but did not live there, thus reducing the number of people GDP was divided between.

Ireland, a great beneficiary of EU funds, had GDP per capita at 146 units, making it second richest in the 27-nation bloc. Bulgaria, which joined the EU together with Romania last year, had the lowest GDP per capita at 38 units and Romania was second poorest with 41 units. EU hopeful Turkey had 42 units, Eurostat said.The Netherlands was third richest in the EU with 131 units and Austria was fourth with 128.The euro zone’s third biggest economy, Italy, was closest to the EU average with 101 units, falling by 2 units since 2006. Its distance to fourth biggest economy, Spain, widened as Spanish wealth per capita rose to 107 units in 2007 from 105 in 2006.France held steady at 111 units and Europe‘s biggest economy, Germany, had 113 units, down one from 2006.  



Това, че България е най-бедна в ЕС не означава, че в нея няма богати хора:The Richest Bulgarians for 2007Society: Tuesday, 2008-04-08 13:55
Article by: News Guide BulgariaAccording a survey of Pari Daily there are new names in Top 100 of the richest Bulgarians for 2007 but, as in previous years, the owner of Petrol filling stations and Petrol Holding Mitko Sabev leads the club of millionaires.He is followed by Petya Slavova, majority shareholder in CB Investbank and Festa Holding. Another banker – Tsvetan Vasilev comes next, now that Corporate Commercial Bank (CCB) has got listed on BSE-Sofia in 2007.
And from this point down the ladder follows a bunch of new people. The next three businessmen are a fine example of the way one can make it into the Top 100 list with a single company by raising its capital. The fourth richest man in Bulgaria is Naiden Ivanov – proprietor of 23% of Europe chain store, which has seen a cap hike from BGN 50, 000 up to BGN 411.55 million, but Hristo Kovachki is believed to be the actual owner of the chain. Next rate people like Georgi Gergov, Kamen Kolchev, etc.


List of Top 10 richest Bulgarians for 2007 according Pari daily

1. Mitko Vasilev Subev
2. Petya Ivanova Slavova
3. Tsvetan vasilev
4. Nayden Ivanov
5. Tencho Pashev
6. Ivelina Atanasov
7 . Kamen Kolchev
8. Ivo Prokofiev
9. Petar Petrov
10. Vasil Bojkov


.List of Top 10 richest Bulgarians for 2006 according Pari daily.

1. Mitko Vasilev Subev
2. Petya Ivanova Slavova
3. Petar Nenkov Petrov
4. Georgi Todorov Gergov
5. Ivo Georgiev Prokopiev
6. Ivajlo Dimitrov Mutafchiev
7. Ceko Todorov Minev
8. Fuat Hyusniev Osmanov (Gyuven)
9. Tanya Boneva Daneva
10. Krasimir Todorov Uzunov

This is of interest that in begining of 2007 the Poland’s Wprost weekly drafted a ranking for “100 RICHEST PEOPLE IN EASTERN EUROPE” for year of 2006 and puts only the names of the Bulgarian businessman Vasil Bozhkov and the widow of the banker Emil Kyulev, Vessela Kyuleva among the 100 richest people in Eastern Europe but boths are outside Top Richest Bulgarians (Vasil Bojkov has 10 place for 2007) last ranks made by Pari daily.
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