Топлият климат е благоприятен за развитието на човешката Цивилизация

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Исторически може да се констатира, че топлите периоди хронологично съвпадат с просперитет за човешката Цивилизация. Например, в началото на Новата Ера, по време на триумфа на Римската Република и Империя, когато топлият климат благоприятства цялостното развитие на обществото. Подобна тенденция наблюдаваме между 1150 – 1300 година по време на голямата викингова експанзия към Гренландия и Северна Америка. Климатично „мекия” 12 век (gentle twelfth century) е представян в Шотландия, като „златна ера” с меки зими и сухи лета.

И обратното – студените климатични периоди, отговарят на векове, в които човешкото развитие попада в „dark ages” . Такъв период на студена цивилизационна спирачка настъпва след 1410 година, когато се прекъсва връзката с Гренландия и по време на така наречения „малък ледников период” между 1600 и 1850 година.

NRH: On what rests then what you describe of “ myhe of total warming ” planetary?

ML: In 1988, the United States lived tragically a dryness accompanied with winds of dust, which recalled 1930s, those of the dust-bowl, illustrated by John Steinbeck in The Grapes of anger. In June, 1988, J. Hansen (of Nasa) introduced{presented} in front of the Congress a curve on which he added, in annual averages, an average established over last five months, what had the effect of making climb artificially the thermal curve of the United States. This dishonest technique triggered off then the ” climatic panic ” already prepared well in advance by ecological movements, what drove{led} in 1989 to the creation of GIEC.

Á to leave of this date, the number of alleged climatologists, most often auto-proclaimed or indicated by governments, augmented in a dizzy manner. Climate became the affair of the ecological organizations, said journalists scientists, of mass media and of policies{politics}.
At the same time, everything was hyper simplifie by delegates indicated by governments and called “expert” (therefore of policies{politics} or of politicized scientists) which establish, as in Paris in February 2007, the ” Summary for Decision-makers ” (Summary for Policymakers).
It is on the occasion of these meetings that are orchestrated, with force simplifications and negotiations, or even brazen lies, media “blows” intended{designed} to impress opinion. In that way, in 1995, had been introduced{inserted}, except scientific debate, expression, always not proved, ” the responsibility of the man in climatic change ”. They are then very far from very climate! But it is in that way that policies{politics} and mass media overbid in doomwatch of warming with the same insurance and the same vigour as in 1970s when they announced the return of a ” new age of ice ”!

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Kelly, January 2, 2003 at 22:23

Do you fairly think this is news? I like and read your blog to get necessary information, but sometimes melancholy kills me


Radan July 27, 2007 at 11:01

Ама чакай сега.

До преди 2 месеца нямаше затопляне, сега има, но то ще ни донесе цветя и рози.



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